Bosch GLM 150, Laser Distance Meter Call Irfan 02151176451

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Detail Bosch GLM 150, Laser Distance Meter Call Irfan 02151176451

Bosch GLM 150 Laser Distance Measurer call Irfan 02151176451

Introducing the new Bosch GLM 150 laser measuring instrument - designed to measure 150 metres and an accuracy of ± 1 mm.

Multifunctional Adaptor
The Bosch GLM 150 features a multifunctional measurement pin for precise measurement from hard-toreach areas and corners. Ideal when under taking building measured surveys where room diagionals are required.

Low Battery Usage
Unlike many other laser measuring instruments, the Bosch range has been design to be as energy efficient allowing 30, 000 individual measurments from one set of batteries.

Maximum precision
To achieve the high measuring accuracy of ± 1.0 mm, Bosch utlises a sintered ceramic for the most critical part the instrument - the optics carrier.

Ceramics are not affected by temperature or humidity changes ( unlike plastic or metal) . So the accuracy of the laser will not change even if the conditions change!

Robust construction
Robert Bosch is the leading manufacturer of professional power tools, with all products meeting high standards for use around construction sites. The Bosch GLM 150 is no exception featuring high impact case, rubber grips, dust and splash IP54 protection.

Benefits and Features
• Measuring accuracy + / - 1.0MM
• Measuring Range – 150 metres
• Advanced measuring functions
• Trapezium function
• Multifunctional Adaptor
• 30 Measurment storage
• Small, Pocket size
• Clear display
• Easy to use - one function per button
• Robust – water and dust resistant to IP54